Audi R8 Evolution Delivered to European Race Teams

2009 was a great year for Audi's racing program. 2010 they are stepping up their game with the new evolution version of the R8 LMS. By April, Audi expects to have delivered a total of 20 cars to race teams eager to get acquainted with the new machine. The bulk of the changes for 2010 are targeted at improving service life and easing service and repair. The car also gets a new six-speed gearbox, upgraded cooling system, and new openings in the body work will allow crews to inspect wear parts without pulling everything apart. UK-based United Autosport has taken delivery of the first two 2010 R8 LMS racers and 10 more are slated to ship to customers shortly. Teams running 2009 cars will also have an upgrade kit available to bring their cars up to the new spec.

[Source: Audi]