Bufori Motor Car Company, The Flying B of Malaysia

Bufori is a small sports and luxury car manufacturer originally from Australia, that now manufacturers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They just released their newest model at the Geneva Auto Show a large luxury sedan called the Bufori Geneva, which is clearly based on a Chrysler 300. This puzzling, frightening, and shocking new car will turn heads and draw stares wherever. I have to admit that up until this overdressed Chrysler 300 was unveiled I had never heard of Bufori cars.

Bufori Madison

The company was founded in 1986 and got it start building The Madison a two seat boat-tail roadster that had hints of Bugatti, Morgan, Triumph, and in reality was a VW Kit car. Bufori was licensed by GP Vehicles of Great Britain to produce their VW Kit car in Australia, however, the company tends to omit that fact they built kit cars. They sold the Madison from 1986-1988 and while the numbers were not great, but they did keep the company going long enough to shift production to the MKI, a second generation version of the Madison. Still based on a discarded Beetle pan the car was sluggish to say the least for a "sports car" with a 0-60 time of 8.5 seconds, it started to gain a following.

The next model dubbed the V6I would be departure from the original Madison as it had a front mounted GM V6 and was rear wheel drive. The performance was better much improved with the V6I shaving 2 seconds off the 0-60 time. This is the model that allowed the company to create a competition branch, the V6I raced in many events across Australia, including the 1994 Australian Cannonball Run.

Bufori MKII
After 1994 the company moved all manufacturing and their offices to Malaysia where they built the most exotic car in the companies history, the Bufori LaJOYA. While it looks much like a fixed head Morgan or a modern MGTD in coupe form, the car is no slouch. A mid-engine 172hp Quad-Cam V6 drives the rear wheels, the body is made of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, the leather and rich wood of the interior could be pulled from any premium coach builder. The LaJOYA in short is a car I would not kick out of my garage.

Bufori LaJOYA

Bufori Geneva

The the LaJoya while quirky it is not what I would consider an ugly car, the new Geneva on the other hand is a radical departure from taste. The car looks like the product of a Morgan and a Chrysler 300 that mated in the wild. While the build quality looks great, the interior appears welcoming and well appointed, but the car just misses the mark in my opinion. While the flowing lines of the fenders and rear end are striking a rhinoplasty is in order to correct the cattle-catcher on the front end. Bufori says they plan to build about 60 of the Geneva's per-year, and concentrate their sales in South East Asia, so if you happen to be in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, or Poyongya expect to see a Geneva on the street sometime in the near future.

Rear Shot of the Geneva

Large Grill and TVR style headlamps

Sweeping Fenders are Pleasing

The Chrysler Dash is Dressed Up
It's Got a Hemi