Ebay Watch: Ha Ha You Can Be Speedracer Ha Ha

Everyday something new is popping up on eBay and today is a Corvette-Based "replica" of Speed Racers Mach 5 and for just an opening bid of $32,000 it could be yours. Check out the photos and item description below or check it out on eBay by clicking here.

Nothing adds style to your Vette like a Corvette rear spoiler.

"Car collectors and comic enthusiasts your car has just arrived.
Built on a 1996 Corvette chassis this replicar brings to life the iconic Japanese animation series Speed Racer and his Mach 5.
This car gets ALL the attention where ever it goes and is sure to draw smiles from everybody who sees it.
This car drives absolutely incredible with its custom exhaust and
Corvette power plant."