New Product: Modular Oil Fillers by PRW

These uniquely designed modular fillers may be installed in nearly any valve cover configuration without the need to weld in place. This design allows the installer to select the most desirable location for their particular application. Once identified, the bore hole is drilled and the bung is installed with a threaded retaining ring held in place with a “set” screw. The set includes “O” rings for the bung and the threaded “cap” to prevent seepage and oil loss. There is no need to re-polish, re-anodize, or repaint the valve covers; a significant cost savings. Each of these billet fillers are easily installed, available in black, silver, red, or blue anodized finishes, and includes PRW Threadlocker. MSRP: $24.50. For more information, please contact PRW at (714) 792-1000 or online at