Casino Gives Away accident

A PROFESSIONAL poker player whose $355,000 Ferrari was stolen from Crown's valet parking lot has slammed casino security.

And magistrate Peter Couzens backed up card ace Van Marcus, criticizing the casino's "shoddy system".

Mr Marcus, who has won more than $1 million at the poker table, said he was angry to find his F430 Spider missing when he went to drive home about 4.30am yesterday after a night at the casino with friends.

"I am very angry. I am really p----- off," Mr Marcus told the Herald Sun.

"They spend millions of dollars watching players' chips and cards in play, but as soon as it comes to the public's property there is a lack of security."

Adam Ramsay, 32, of Flemington, faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court charged with car theft.


The court heard Mr Ramsay, a father of two, had been drinking and gambling at Crown before realising he had locked his keys in his car.

Mr Ramsay allegedly approached valet parking staff about 1.30am, claiming he was the owner of the 2006 Ferrari.

He didn't produce the valet parking ticket required to collect the car, but filled out a form with his own details, paid the $30 and drove off.

Police saw the dream machine on the Tullamarine Freeway and recovered it about six hours later at a petrol station in Barry Rd, Broadmeadows. Mr Ramsay was arrested nearby.

Mr Marcus, 27, said he believed the car has been thrashed: "It doesn't even feel like my car."

Crown spokesman Gary O'Neill said parking patrons were given a ticket to be returned when collecting their car.

If they lost their ticket, they would be asked for proof of identification, as had happened this time.

Paul Jansen, for Mr Ramsay, told the court his client was always going to be caught and was pleading guilty. "He just couldn't do something more dumb in the circumstances he was in," he said.

Mr Couzens said it was "beyond belief" someone could give their name and be handed the keys to a car.

"I can't believe it is so easy to extract a car from the valet parking system at what is meant to be Melbourne's premier tourism precinct."

He remanded Mr Ramsay in custody until Tuesday.