Ken Okuyama Design opens Japanese Studio in Yamagata

Ken Okuyama Design Co. Ltd has announced the opening of its Japanese KOD Yamagata Studio, that will offer design and prototyping services for worldwide customers in the automobile, motorcycle, and other industrial fields.

Claimed to be the first Japanese “carrozzeria”, the KOD Studio has a facility to create full size clay models and to build custom-made one-off vehicles provided with design, planning, development and sales to customers all over the world.
Its first one-off vehicle is already on its way to be completed fall next year. The k.o.7 Spider production version is also being assembled at the facility.
Based on KOD’s design philosophy of “Modern, Simple and Timeless”, together with its Tokyo office and Gotenzeki KO Casa Shop, KOD Yamagata Studio offers design and prototyping services for worldwide customers in an automobile, motorcycle, interior products, and other industrial products.

Back in June 2009 Ken Okuyama Design Co. Ltd had opened a Design Center in Irvine, California, in the same facility previously owned by Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design.
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The k.o7 Spider

The k.o7 Spider is a two seater roadster with a racing-like bodywork, consisting of aluminum extrusion chassis and carbon-fiber body.
The construction uses aerospace dry carbon, stamped aluminum panels, and milled alloy pieces with virtually no paints on. Its minimal design comes from an aesthetic value of traditional Japanese culture.
The car is 3,64 meters long, 1,85 meters wide and 1,10 metesr tall. The total weight is 790 kg. The engine is a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder unit with up to 240 hp, coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox and front and rear double wishbone suspensions.
(Source: Ken Okuyama Design)