Steve McQueen's Truck on Ebay

Steve McQueen will always be an icon of cool, this weekend I was sitting around reading McQueen's Machines and decided to see if any McQueen cars were up for sale. While I was perusing Ebay I ran across one of the actors pick up trucks, that thankfully has not been restored, many of the original McQueen cars have lost some of the personal touches that he applied to many of his vehicles. This truck while nothing special is likely one of the many he had on his Santa Paula ranch, originally purchased by a fan from the estate, the truck was sold to a museum and has been sitting there ever since.

While I would love to own a McQueen car I would much rather have one of his old Hudsons or one of the sports cars with a buy it now price of $65,000 OBO we think Steve himself would encourage us to buy a nice sports car instead of his old truck.

Check it out on Ebay Item number: 360314845483