Ebay Watch: Low Cost Ariel Atom

"1975 Other Makes Formula"

eBay has been home many interesting vehicles and so far few have been as interesting as this home made sports car. It looks like a cross between a Ariel Atom, a Lotus 7, and a some kind of Mad-Max Dune Buggy. The owner claims that the car come with Smog Exempt VIN numbers and title cut out of another car... so you can make it "street legal". Or if you want the action also says "I believe this car could easily be registered in an SCCA or NASA racing class as a Formula car or Sports Racer." We suggest you check the rule book before investing in this as a potential weekend track car. There are some interesting features that both the DMV and most sanctioning bodies might have issues with... such as a exposed fuel tank and side mounted radiator that are pushed up against the driver.

The parts that are include may interest someone or if you are making a movie about the world after 2012 you may want to jump on board while the bidding is low, starting at just $300. We don't suggest welding any VIN plates onto the homemade car, but like the seller we will leave that up to you.

Happy Bidding: Item number: 250751324892