The Hundred Dollar Healey

So The Hundred Dollar Healey is coming along, I spent most of the day using Por15 on the floorboards, I let it sit a full week since I used purple power and a high pressure hose to clean out the interior. The Por15 works great and once it dries creates a nice clean shell to work with. I also did a small test panel on the the engine compartment, I am debating on if I am going to paint the engine compartment the body color or if I am just going to paint it black. I prefer black engine compartments as I just think they look cleaner.

I also began some of the body work today, I lucked into a set of fenders for $20.00 each from a guy over in San Berdoo and I started stripping the front nose cone and blasting it down to the metal before I bust out the hammer and start fixing all of the dents and damage.

So far the total into project Hundred Dollar Healey is as follows:

Car $100.00
DMV VIN Verification $60
DMV Fees $46
Fenders $40
Paint $0

Total: $246.00