Last R35 to be the Best Yet!

Nissan’s R35 GT-R is coming to the end of its run, with 2012 supposedly to end production of the R35 after 6 years. This generation of GT-R has taken the storied model to level that no previous model has done before. The R35 has been one of the best performance to dollar ratios money can buy, besting cars that cost hundreds of thousands more.

But if you thought that Nissan would just let the R35 quietly ride off into the sunset, you would be dead wrong. According to Japanese Car Magazine Best Car Magazine the last of R35s will pick up an additional 30 horse power over the current Spec V model, giving it power in the range of 530-560 horse power.

Among the biggest changes reported, there will be another power increase from factory, with the GT-R set to gain another 30ps ( 30+hp ) over the Spec V model, taking power levels from ~530hp to ~560hp in total. The cars testing was delayed due to the massive earthquake that rocked Japan, but Best Car claims that Nissan may resume testing as early as this summer. This car is also going to lose around 60 pounds in the Spec R model.
Among the other significant changes include a slight reduction of 30 ~ 40 kilograms in overall weight plus the addition of a gold engine cover to replace the current red version adorning the Spec V. No doubt the Spec R is going to be the ultimate road going GT-R straight from factory.
So if you have been waiting for the ultimate GTR... 2012 will be here sooner than you think.
[Source: Best Car, Nissan Japan]