Just in Time for Christmas!

What would the people of Wall Street Occupy if they decided to camp out and protest..uhhh.. having to see hippies sitting in front of their offices? They would camp in the $2.9 million Marchi Mobile eleMMent series "ultra-luxurious" recreational vehicles. It is for the ultra rich who need a comfortable mansion away from the mansion.

The eleMMent including everything you could need when roughing it, such as Automatic boarding stairs, a flybridge and an operational fireplace. They also offer a few corporate version for entertaining or as a super luxury bus, but who cares about those this thing is a RV. Lets see how the other half lives on the road.The residental model the Palazzo is a six wheel luxury mansion. The fully automatic, pop-up flybridge lounge with multiple bars towers over two floors that contain, among other things, a kitchen, a master bedroom with an integrated bathroom and a couch that can be converted into bar furniture at the push of a button. All the automatic setting-up and dismantling is handled via a touch screen control panel. An additional, mobile control unit with remote video streaming functionality enables the prudent owner to keep an eye on all the important indicators and play with lighting and temperature settings from afar.While it may not be in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog this year, their idea of camping is sleeping in a $75,000 Yurt, who do they think we are... poor people. The

(Source: Marchi Mobile)