Ferrari adds Tailor Made option to luxury line

Ferrari has announced the launch of the 'Tailor-Made' programme, designed to offer buyers the same level of choice they would have enjoyed in the 1950s and 1960s from its Maranello home.

Designed to offer those with the funds a near-unlimited combination of materials, colours and accessories, the programme is based around three 'design collections' from Ferrari's long history: Classica, Inedita and Scuderia.

Classica, as the name suggests, draws its inspiration from the style of the company's past GT cars, with vintage leather, cashmere, velvet, chrome, wool and hand-detailed stitching making an appearance internally along with pastel colours.

Inedtia - Italian for 'unprecedented' - is significantly bolder, using suit fabric, modern leather, denim and futuristic-looking technical finishes along with carbon-fibre where appropriate.

Finally, Scuderia draws its inspiration from the company's racing heritage, adding technical fabrigs, carbon fibre, Alcantara leather, chamois, Kevlar, rubberised leather and other hard-wearing materials to the list of options.

All this customisation doesn't come cheap, however: customers wishing to take advantage of the Tailor-Made programme will be personally invited to the company's facility in Maranello to customise their car in a specialist studio, complete with material scanner and 3D rendering system for a preview before signing off on the final design.

Author: Gareth Halfacree