Carlex Mini: Steampunk Style

Steampunk is a kind of science fiction - a function of attempting to make technology based on the mechanical power rather than electronics. The term was first used in 1987 by writer KWJetera. The word steampunk is a link between two words, steam is the return to the past, inventions, and ideas drawn from the nineteenth century, "punk" is a reference to the dark and dangerous future postmodern and iconoclastic vision of our world in the twenty-first century. Steampunk reveals to us the principles of operation of equipment, hides nothing,, with their own eyes can be seen by moving the gears, gears, and pistons.

Polish design house Carlex, known mostly for kitting out the top luxury cars of the world in exotic leathers has turned its attention over to the MINI Countryman. Building a fantasy Steampunk MINI.

Source: Carlex