California Legacy License Plate Program

AB 1658 by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D- Los Angeles) was signed into law by Governor Brown, establishing the California Legacy License Plate Program, which will go into effect on January 1, 2013.  The program will allow car enthusiasts to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for one of three iconic California license plate designs:

"Black with Yellow Lettering"

"Yellow with Black Lettering"
"Blue with Yellow Lettering"
The law specifies that the DMV will begin issuing one of the three designs after 7,500 paid applications for that design have been received statewide.
For example: If the blue plates reach 7,500 paid applications while the black plates have 5,000 and the yellow plates have 4,700, DMV will issue only the blue plates while the black and yellow plates wait to reach the 7,500 plateau.
The law further specifies that the 7,500 threshold must be reached by January 1, 2015. If any of the designs does not get 7,500 paid applications by that date, the money paid for the design(s) not printed will be refunded.
The cost for the plates is as follows:
  • Fifty dollars ($50) for the original issuance of the plates.
  • Forty dollars ($40) for a renewal of registration with the plates.
  • Fifteen dollars ($15) for transfer of the plates to another vehicle.
  • Thirty-five dollars ($35) for each substitute replacement plate.
Tell a friend about this program. It’s essential to get the word out so we can work together to get 7,500 for all three plates and put these classic pieces of California history back on the road!
CLICK HERE for more info on the CA Legacy License Plate Program.