eBay Watch: The 3.3 Million Dollar Plymouth

eBay always has something interesting when it comes to cars, from one of a kind home built automotive abominations to the finest of classics. You never know what you will find, today I spotted this $3.3 million dollar Plymouth.

There are not a lot of Plymouth cars that get me excited, but the Barracuda is pretty cool and this seller claims this is the first E-body, hand built at Chrysler in Clare Point, Michigan, in 1969. As a test mule and design prototype. If it all checks out, it might be one of the rarest muscle cars on earth, but $3.3 million dollars will buy a lot of toys.

If you feel like spending $3,300,000 for the car, the seller claims he will donate $1,000,000 to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, its unclear if the buyer or seller will be getting the tax slip on the donation. If you have a few extra Million dollars laying around, be sure to check out his site www.firstebodyhemicuda.com it looks like he is also trying to do a re-bodied Dodge Challenger for 2014. 

Source: eBay