eBay Watch: 911T Protoype

So this eBayer up in Canada claims this is some rare pre-production prototype Porsche 911 Turbo. That is about all I can decipher from his eBay listing and the JFK-Conspiracy style website he created called porscheprototype.com if anyone can figure out where all the dots connect to on this post in the comments. I am sure there is some information there, I just don't see it, it talks about a 1970 Porsche VIN and a 1986 VIN, pedals, and exhaust... just check it out. Or you could just open the bidding up at $16 million dollars.

Check out the eBay listing blow:

Porsche 911T             P~911T     Prototype 911 T                    National Treasure                                                                                               The shocking Secret                                   More pictures and information
Attn. Porsche Cars North America
Attn. Porsche AG
         A picture is worth a thousand words
1~ Front Tub Tag~ P 911 T Prototype 911 -Truth2,3,4,5~Exhaust-the exhaust ran underneath, so low and far to the rear,that they often dragged.The exhaust welded{prototype fabrication to fit closer to the engine} 6~Lakehead University findings on original brake pedal assembly compared to 1969-19747,8~The Brake pedal features an elaborate machine cammed design,that increases brake assistance as the pedal is depressed {Mechanical Power Braking} 9,10,11,12~CarProof Claims Vehicle History Report                   Impoted into Canada as                      Normal ~~~~NO!This vehicle appears to have only been registered in CanadaOur records do not indicate that this vehicle was registered in a jurisdiction outside Canada13,14,15,16~Microfiche found 2 page scroll,white cover clearly views Johnson&Johnson                     Microfiche Stencil~~Decipher and connect the dots!17~Slant Nose,Flat Nose {Flachbau}Cabriolet,original color yellowThe Sonderwunch Program {Special Wishes}"informal models" even if it was realized only once!18~using simple image viewer scan from picture 17 with a variety of photo sofware19~Registration Ontario Canada as 1986 911T20~Registration from COA Porsche Cars North America as 1971 911T21~1970~~or 1971~~or 1986~~or 19__22,23,24~Special wish program{Sonderwunch Program}

"You may think yourself lucky enough to have come across one of the fabled 235 3000 series                                                       Porsche 911's produced in late 1964"
                                                This is a Whale of a Tail Discovery