The 1966 Zagato Shelby GT350

by Michael Satterfield

In 1966, Shelby American sent a green Ford Mustang GT350 to the Italian stylist Zagato in Milan. The car was a standard GT350 (Serial Number 6S761) with a 4-speed transmission and over-ride traction bars. Zagato did extensive restyling the most dramatic of which is the wraparound rear windshield. The after the modifications were made, what happened to the car was a mystery.

The car was never returned to the US and was found in a junkyard in 1974, the car then went on to become an amateur race car until the late 80's when it was sold to the current owner who wishes to remain anonymous. It does pop-up from time to time at classic car shows in Europe, but it is a rare sight.

Photos via Louis Bisset, Cassis, France