The Vespa 946

I love the new Vespa 946, having owned the GT60 anniversary model and several other classic/modern Vespas over the years the styling on this new model had me so excited... that was until I found out that we are not going to just be able to walk in and buy one, they will only be special order and they are nearly $10,000. I was called a loon when I spent $6,700 on my GT60, but the $9,946 price tag will religate this to the collector/ Laguna Beach housewife fashion accessory market. 

This seems to be a common problem with the American market, in the US we currently get a choice of the bland Vespa LX/LXV, The blander S model, or the bulbous GTS model (same as my GT60 basically). The rest of the world still gets a classic style Vespa PX (for around $4,700). If the new LX150 looked like the 946 and was around the $4,500 price point of the current LX I don't think they could keep them in stock. Sadly the 946 will be a rare site on the road when they would add so much to the urban landscape in style and refinement. For $9,946 (plus the dealer mark up and tax and license) I just don't see it.