2013 PGO Automobiles Cévennes speedster

by Michael Satterfield

In my recent post about my old Peugeot 405 I wrote about how I miss French cars, this new PGO kind of sums up why. The French are a little eccentric and their auto industry has always reflected that with some of the most innovative solutions (such as Panhard bar) and some of the most outlandish (the three seat

 Matra Bagheera). PGO is keeping the tradition alive, you might not have heard of PGO if you are in the US, but they got their start making Porsche 356 kit cars back in 1985.

It is easy to see how the new Cévennes speedster drew its inspiration from the companies 356 roots, but it has several features that make it uniquely French. The car was first launched in 2005 but the new 2013 model has updated styling, refined suspension, and is suppose to do 140 mph. I could not find any offical pricing on the PGO website, but according to the UK Car Buying Site Parkers.co.uk a brand new manual transmission PGO Cévennes speedster will set you back £40,264 (about $62,220 USD).

Source: PGO