Chevy "Sparks" Criticism About Female Stereotypes with new Ad

So this new ad dropped from Chevy for the Spark, GM's attempt at a hip city car that has something to offer everyone. Well according to some critics this ad shows that the Spark is only for thin attractive women who do nothing all day but drive around Paris and shop.

Steve Hall a writer for Ad Rants said:

"After all, we know fashion conscious women always choose their vehicle for its color and not its performance. And they obviously don't know how to drive right either. And all they like to do all day long is shop. And eat chocolate."

I would tend to think Steve that "fashion conscious" women would pick a car in a color they liked... but anyways...

Several bloggers have also gone on rants about how it is sexist and how women care about gas mileage, value, and safety. Ok can I be the first to say that I like this commercial it reminded me of of the movie Amelie. Plus what do you want them to do in 60 seconds? The ad is obviously targeted towards an idealized version of urban life in Paris, in a fantasy world where you don't have to work, you race around town sliding in choreographed stunts with your friends, and everyone has everything you need in your favorite color.

I don't see why everyone needs to be so serious all the time, relax sit back and enjoy an fun ad that make the Spark look like a fun choice more women might want to look at.