Crazy Los Angeles Road Rage w/video

by Mike Satterfield

Los Angeles.... I have friends that always tell me how lucky I am to live so close to the City of Angels... but they are always puzzled when I tell them living in the L.A. area sucks. You see the L.A. area is kind of a magnet for people, those wanting opportunity, those who want to be a star, people escaping mid-west weather, but it is also draws a lot of crazy people. Such as this fine citizen from Illinois who decided that the he was wronged by another driver. Thankfully that other driver was rolling a dash cam and caught the amazing event for all of us. It is really unclear at what sparked the rage from Mr. Illinois, but he was not a happy camper.

Check out the video below, there is some language so if you are at work you might want to mute it.


Source: YouTube