eBay: 1940's Belly Tank Dirt Track Race Car

There are some cool things that pop up on eBay and our reader Russell W. sent us this link. This thing is super cool and I hope it goes to a good home that will do more of a preservation instead of a restoration. Current bid is just at $5,400 but the reserve has not been met yet.
Check out the eBay listing below or CLICK HERE to see it on eBay.


Offered for sale for the first time since it's creation, this is an incredible piece of nostalgic automotive folk art, and a true masterpiece from noted artist Randy Regier. This car was built by Randy as his college thesis project, and is just one of two "full scale" pieces he has constructed. It took him over a year to build, and parts from across the globe were used to make the car as accurate to the period and theme as possible. The car was built to coincide with a historically accurate but fictional story of Anna Isaak, who built the car during WWII with dreams of racing it on the dirt tracks of the Midwest, but never completed the car, leaving it "hidden" in a secret room in an old mill. As Randy's project, the car was unveiled for the first time in Isaak's hidden room, and was only visible in a small hole punched through a wall of the mill. It was then shown at several Northeastern galleries by Regier, before he sold it to a collector in Maine. The car was actually lost at this point, not to resurface until just this past winter. It stands as one of the most prominent works by Randy Regier, and is an impressive and strking piece of art that would be the focal point of any car collection. It has been appraised by the artist and Jim Kempner Galleries in New York at $40,000++, but is being offered here with a very reasonable reserve.

       The chassis is constructed from a shortened and narrowed 1920's touring car frame, with Ford front and rear axles. The body is an original WWII vintage aircraft drop tank modified to fit, and the car is powered by a 1947 Graymarine 112HP Flathead straight six with dual carbs. The car features a forward & reverse shifter, rear hand brakes, Stewart Warner gauges, aluminum windshield (with screen for left hand racing), and 19" & 22" wheels. Full documentation from Randy Regier is included explaining in detail the theme and process of building the car, as well as gallery information from where it has been shown. The great thing about this car is that it makes a statement just the way it sits as a piece of static art, but it is a complete car that could easily be made road or race worthy. There is nothing like this out there, and it makes an impression on everyone who sees it in person.

       Feel free to contact Greg at 860-873-1092, or 860-575-8998 (cell) with any questions or offers. The car is located in Haddam, Connecticut, and is currently not in running or driving condition. It remains exactly the way Randy Regier constructed and presented it. It will be up to the future owner to leave the car as it sits, or take it to the next level as a functioning, running belly tank racer. May have interest in early hot rod, gasser, Mustang, or Corvette. Sold on bill of sale, no title.