Ford to build GT350 in 2015?

by Mike Satterfield

Rumors are floating all over the interwebs that Ford will be producing a Shelby GT 350 for the 2015 model year. According to well known Shelby enthusiast and collector Stephan Becker posted over on Team Shelby’s forum that the rumors were true.

Stephan Becker’s post:
"The rumor is 100% true – Before Carrol Shelby passed he had Ford fly in and meet with him & Traci Smith  in California -  CSL (Carroll Shelby Licensing) and he personally signed the deal for the GT 350 to be made along side the GT 500, in Detroit, when the new body-style debuts in 2014/15."
Becker is considered the authority on classic Shelby cars and is the owner of Planet Cobra, a factory authorized Shelby Cobra dealer. Is it hard evidence? No, but its fun to speculate what a OEM version of the GT 350 could be.

Sources: TeamShelby, Mustang Heaven