Gas Monkey Garage F40 Takes Best of Show at Texas Concours d'Elegance


Richard Rawlings and his Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas has sparked a ton of chatter online about the wreaked F40 Ferrari they were rebuilding on the show. From changing the paint color to some hammering on the firewall to get things to fit, there was a lot of hate floating around out there. But it looks like Richard had the last laugh taking the car to the Texas Concours d'Elegance and walking away with a best of show. 

The team at Gas Monkey did a lot of modifications to a car that many would consider untouchable, but I must admit I kind of like it. The car looks great in black, the flip up headlight delete is cleanly executed, and so long as they sold it before the shows aired they should be good. Check out more pics below or the full set over at the Gas Monkey Facebook Page by CLICKING HERE 

Source: Gas Monkey Facebook