Tesla Making Electric Cars Viable for Cross Country Road Trips


Now one of the biggest issues with electric cars, is that they have a limited range, take forever to recharge, and electric vehicle charging stations generally look like old postbox in a dark corner of some mall parking lot. Elon Musk aims to change that in a big way, not only is Tesla building an ambitious network of Supercharge stations that will recharge your Model S in about 30 mins for free. 

Stations will also offer a battery swap system that will allow you swap battery packs for about the same cost as a tank of gas. The best part is that the swap takes around 90 seconds, the video below shows how quickly the swap system works and the battery is remounted to factory specs, all without even getting out of your car. 

I have to say that the other thing I really love about the Tesla Supercharger Stations is they look amazing. What is also impressive is the speed of the expansion that Tesla has planned. While there are currently only 8 stations open today, by summer 2013 there will be 27, but the end of the year coast to coast travel will be possible, and by 2015 you will be able to drive 98% of the roadways in the US and Canada. I would consider an electric car if this all comes about, but just so long as there is still a gas station for my Mini.
Check out the video below showing the battery swap. 

Source: Tesla / Associated Press