The ATS Sport 1000

The ATS – Automobili Turismo Sport, historical italian car manufacturer founded by Ferrari F1 engineers, presented in 2012 the all new ATS Sport 1000, now it is available on the market in both FIA/CSAI compliant race version and road legal licensed version.

ATS SPORT 1000 Race version is available as fully built car ready to drive or less engine (drive train) version. Costumers can choose between any 4 cylinder bike engine to install in the car: Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Honda range. A list of options can also be added at the car to create the perfect racing machine. SPORT 1000 is FIA/CSAI compliant car with technical passport available to race worldwide.

ATS SPORT 1000 Street version is available as fully built car ready to drive with road kit pack, engine by Kawasaki Ninja 1000 with over 200bhp and less than 500kgs of curb weight. It can be requested also with race specifications pack to be used both on the road and racing events.

The price for the SPORT 1000 Race starts from 24990,00 euros, the Street version from 43500,00 euros.
ATS is ready right now to accept orders from any Country in the World in left hand or right hand drive version and can create special configurations following the request of each costumer or team.

Source: Automobili Turismo e Sport