TVR Resurrected?

TVR is one of those car companies will always have a fan base, they build cars for men with hair on their chest and are from a time when racing drivers were nearly required to have hair on their upper lip. They are have always been one of those underdogs of the British automotive industry and after a amazing crash in 2006, TVR was dead. 

But the bits and pieces were picked up for pennies on the dollar. Like everything else that was once produced by the British, TVR was bought up by a bloke who hailed from a former Cold War rival. So when Nikolia Smolensky announced that he would much rather build wind farms than cars... it looked as if the dream of a new TVR was yet again dead. 

However it looks like video game entrepreneur Les Edgar, is putting TVR back in the hands of the British. "You can't let these great brands disappear or go abroad," he said. "The starting point was ‘let's get it back'. There's a huge amount of passion with the TVR brand. You'd be hard-pushed to find a British car brand that generates so much passion." Edgar told Top Gear

Edgar, who purchased the rights to the TVR name and to the remaining equipment and parts to build the brand's past cars for an undisclosed sum. The possibility of a a new TVR would be exciting, if it was able to keep the same DNA of the original brand, please Mr. Edgar don't try to turn it into an electric car company, or even worse make a TVR SUV. 

Source: Top Gear