Car Girl: Courtney Force

Lots of people are up in arms that Courtney Force has taken part in the ESPN The Magazine's, "The Body Issue" the funny thing is there does not seem to be anyone up in arms over Gary Player being in the same issue. In fact the only complaints are against the women, which tends to always be the case. None of the images in the magazine have ever been sexually provocative, just as the Greeks immortalized their star athletes in marble, modern media has the ability to capture their actual image. Celebrating those who have honed their bodies into peak physical shape.

We are constantly bombarded by messages that we need help girls develop positive body images, but when a women does step out and promote the fact that fitness and being comfortable in your own skin is important she is immediately labeled as selling out or flaunting her sexuality. All by the same society that elevates Kim Kardashion for making a sex tape... plus I don't remember the controversy when male racing drivers were featured in past issues.

Photos Courtesy: ESPN The Magazine