Video: The Wall of Death

Known as Motordomes, Silodromes,  and sometimes "The Wall of Death"  this gasoline powered sideshow has been a staple of traveling carnivals since the dawn of the motorcycle. Men, women, and even a few lions have been the stars of these shows, local heros, who are just passing through.  Even Hollywood has captured a version of  The Wall of Death in the recent film The Place Beyond the Pines one of the main characters, played by Ryan Gosling, is the star of a traveling motorcycle show. The film below is a realistic look into the world of a Wall of Death Rider.

Vintage Wall of Death rider
In the beautifully shot short film below by Benedict Campbell is a look into the world of a family that performs in England and across Europe. Taking their show from carnival to carnival making a living on The Wall of Death.

THE WALL OF DEATH from benedict campbell on Vimeo.