3D Printing an Aston Martin DB4

by Michael Satterfield
Ivan Sentch, a New Zealand man that loves his classic cars, is building a replica of an Aston Martin. Spending 1.6 million dollars for a restored classic Aston did not fit his budget, and neither did paying over $12,000 NZD to have a buck carved from a solid block of foam. So Ivan set about printing his own Aston Martin Body using a $499 NZD (About $391 USD) Soilodoodle home 3D printer to build an Aston Martin DB4 body that he will mount on a custom chassis using parts from a donor Nissan Skyline.

The printer only makes parts about 6 inches square so each panel is glued together over the cardboard buck. He estimates that the body buck will cost about $1,800 USD to complete. The concept is amazing and to see it actually coming together and looking like a car is exciting.  Follow along with the project HERE