Video: New York Bikers Assault SUV Driver

A group of bikers on the annual New York City  "Hollywood Block Party" ride were out of control on Sunday. The ride turned violent when the group began swarming on the highway blocking traffic and taunting drivers. One driver identified as an Asian man who was driving with his wife and child in a dark colored Range Rover struck a motorcyclist who was darting in front of the SUV and slamming on his brakes. The minor collision took a violent turn when it is reported that other bikers started surrounding the Range Rover and kicking the SUV and threatening the driver and his family. A few bikers placed their bikes in front of the SUV in what looks like an attempt to block the Range Rover.

The man, fearing for his and his families safety drove over the motorcycles placed in front of his vehicle. That is when the chase was on. The entire incident was caught on tape via the mounted helmet camera of one of the bikers. Motorcyclists, after catching up with the car, assaulted the driver, and once trapped at a red light break the driver-side window of the SUV. That is where the tape cuts off. Police say several bikers beat the driver of the Range Rover. He suffered injuries to his face, torso, and two black eyes. He was transported to Columbia University Medical Center where he was treated for facial lacerations and discharged.

No injuries were reported on members of the mans family, and while the police are still investigating, no arrests have been made. See the video below.