Car Girl: Cyndi

For as far back as Cyndi can remember, cars have always been a part of a part of her life. As a self-described tomboy, she never had an interest in dolls or wearing dresses, but instead had toy cars. In third grade, she even presented one of her battery-operated race cars for ''show and tell".

As an adult, Cyndi still tended to like cars a little more on the sporty side and even owned a few. Her favorite was a sporty Toyota Corolla SR5. Cyndi now focuses her talents on photography, modeling, and she likes to incorporate cars whenever she can.

Cyndi's images have been published in close to a dozen calendars, a book, catalogs, and several magazines, including Australian Swimsuit Edition's featured international photographer for Sept. 2013.
In addition to her modeling and photography credits, Cyndi holds a black belt in Taekwondo,
designs and creates her own makeup and jewelry, and has international solo music awards for flute, trumpet and french horn, including her own arrangement featuring all three instruments.

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