The Eagle Low Drag GT

Eagle has been building E-Types for over 30 years, it has been said that there is no one company in the world that knows more about these amazing cars than the team at Eagle. The small group of craftsmen build each car with incredible care and attention to detail. But they did not set out to just reproduce a version of the ultra rare Low Drag E-Type, they set out to build the ultimate version using moder technology and materials to build a better E-Type. 

The result is a testament to the beauty of the original Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe but with improvements such as a more spacious cockpit, air-conditioning, a long-range fuel cell and more space for luggage. The GT1 version of the car includes 4.7 litre all-aluminium engine with sequential fuel injection, an aluminium gearbox and differential, speed sensitive electric power steering, full leather trim and for cross country adventures a concealed GPS navigation. For more information please visit the Eagle Low Drag Coupe website by clicking here