2015 Mustang Hollywood Unveil

I was lucky enough to an invite to the West Coast VIP unveiling of the new 2015 Ford Mustang. The event was attended by celebrity car guys and racers like John & Ashley Force, Vaughn Gittin, Chad McQueen, and many more. The car was unveiled at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and it even made its own iconic "footprints" in the concrete by driving across a slab of wet cement. The car is radically different from the previous generation of Mustang, its wider, longer, lower, with three engine choices including a 305HP EcoBoost Turbo 4 cylinder, a 300HP V6, and a 425HP 5.0 V8. IRS, Paddle Shifters, and a refined interior are all major changes to the new Mustang, the best way I could describe is "the peoples F-Type". It offers all the style and charisma of the Jaguar at about half the price. 

Check out the images below from the unveil.