Project Z

by Michael Satterfield

Welcome to Project Z, our latest project car in garage is this 1973 Datsun 240Z. It all started at SEMA 2013 when Roman found that hidden about 40 miles outside of Vegas in the middle of nowhere a guy had a rust free Z for sale. The previous cars we had looked at had been rotted from the inside out and the dry desert promised a rust free ride. So between the unveiling our of Gulf Racing Fairlane, Interviews, and Meetings we ducked out and check out the Z.

The Z was as the guy described complete, rust free, and full of parts. So a deal was struck and we set off back to Vegas. A week later we were back in Nevada pulling the Z home to So Cal. The car needed some work, valve job, but the L28 was in great shape. The car kept surprising us with bonuses like already having a 5 speed installed, a NISMO cam, and boxes of extra parts.

Stay tuned for more on the restoration of Project Z.