eBay Watch: "Ferrari Replica"

Unlike some of those in the car community I love a good replica of a super rare car...when it is done right. A Cobra replica would be a similar experience to driving the real deal. Than there are replicas like this... which is basically not a replica of any production car but a sad attempt at badge engineering. A quick spin around eBay shows you can buy a clean properly maintained 3000GT for around $7,000-$13,000 so this "Ferrari Replica" that is built on a stock 3000GT seems a little pricy at $17,300. Even though the owner states "i am not sale kit  this car made full costume body works". Costume might be a better word than replica when it comes to this car.

Seller's Description:

 THIS IS BASE ON MIT 3000 GT WITH FERRARI KIT ON IT i am not sale kit  this car made full costume body works

Fuel system cleaning and tune up has been done,
rotors, breaks and fuel pump has been replaced ,
car has been painted in Ferrari red.
it has a special custom made  muffler and F1 steering wheel
engine sounds is amazing and very strong it doesn't burn oil or kick and very  smooth
its also very good on gas mileages 19 mpg in city 24 mpg on highway
transmission is very good and smooth , you will get near perfect super car looks
this car is so much fun to drive ,
in short this car needs nothing i just changed oil today,
if you have any questions just give me call pls
Beautiful car, head turner
note :: pls dont wasted my time and yours if you cant afford it dont dream it,  dont text like high school kids deal with me by emall or call thank you
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video 1.       youtube.com/watch?v=YQcf2AmbWRg
video 2.       youtube.com/watch?v=WWeywfH35QI
If you just have to have it check out the auction HERE