Car Girl: V. Stiviano

The Donald Sterling scandal has been big news here in the Los Angeles area and around the world. The NBA is fining him and banning him for life, for his racist comments, but the news has also been talking about his mistress V. Stiviano and the cars Mr. Sterling had gifted her, which are subject to a lawsuit filed by Mrs. Sterling, against Stivano. Only in Los Angeles right... so I did some hunting around online to find some photos of the cars of the girl known as V. It looks like she really is a Car Girl... from a Ferrari California to classic Impala she has great taste in not so much. Photos are via her Instagram account @VStiviano 

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Please take your feet off the Bentley

Classic Impala

Ferrari California out in the Desert

Bentley Continental GT

V. Stiviano likes the custom plates

She is also apparently not mad.

Photos via Instagram