14 Photos from El Mirage

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El Mirage dry lakebed is in the desert just north of Los Angeles, it has long been where the Hot Rodders from around the Southwest would test their machines. Today El Mirage hosts events a few times a year, it is where many come to test and tune before the long haul up to the Bonneville Salt Flats. My favorite part about land speed racing at El Mirage is that it's kind of like time travel, the corporate sponsors are small speed shops, guys who's tow vehicle is an old pickup truck not a massive rig. Racers sleeping in tents and RV's dreaming that they will join the 200-MPH club.  There is food trailer grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers, and the pits are accessible by just walking up and saying hi. Here are some of my favorite images I shot up at El Mirage, if you have a chance to get up and see it in person I highly recommend it.