10 of the worst Ferrari replicas

Fierorossa anyone?

Everyone wants to own an exotic car, it is a rolling billboard that says you have made it. But few can afford to buy a Lamborghini or Ferrari, let alone the maintenance to keep one in working order. Since Ferrari is always at the top of people's dream car list, let's look at some DIY versions of the highly engineered and thoughtfully designed supercars.... these are the ten best of the worst.

It's just like a Ferrari California only not

Must be that ultra rare 70's racing edition so fast it forgot the F.

Another Fierorossa 

Would you call it a Mitsurrari 3000-GTO

There are so many versions of the Fierorossa

That F40 looks so much smaller in person

It is a Fiero of some kind what it is trying to be... well no idea. 

The rare F50 Fiero

A truckstarossa