2014 Le Mans Classic

Story: by Mike Satterfield
Photos: by R. Morée & V. Metais 

The Le Mans Classic is an incredible event that celebrates the greatest cars and drivers of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Held every two years the event attracts the best historic endurance race cars in the world to do what they were built to do, race at speed. With over 450 cars divided into six grids the Le Mans Classic gives you the chance to travel back in time and see automotive icons on the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe. It is one of those events that automotive enthusiasts must attend at least once in the lives.

The four hundred and fifty cars of the 24 Hours of Le Mans divided into six grids by years and types (some examples of the types of cars that run in each grid are below).

Grid 1 (1923 - 1939) Bentley Blower, Talbot Lago, Bugatti Type 35
Grid 2 (1949 - 1956) Jaguar Type D, Maserati 300 S, Mercedes 300 SL
Grid 3 (1957 - 1961) Ferrari 250 GT, Lotus Elite, Lister Jaguar
Grid 4 (1962 - 1965) Ford GT 40, Ferrari 250 LM, Porsche 904
Grid 5 (1966 - 1971) Porsche 917, Ferrari 312 P, Matra MS 660
Grid 6 (1972 - 1979) BMW M1, Rondeau M 379, Sauber C5

For more on the Le Mans Classic please visit their official website HERE

These photos were provided by our good friends over at Suixtil.