The V8 Wet Rod

The designers over at Strand Craft have reworked the concept of Personal Water Craft... no longer do you need to tacky up your yacht with the brightly colored water craft of the commoners. Now you can order your own PWC to match that sleek 100 footer. The coolest thing is that this personal mini yacht is packing a 300HP V8 under the hood and has a top speed of around 65 mph... thats booking it on the water.

Each one is hand made and the owner can select wood or carbon fiber accents, select colors, and several other options. The design is more than just good looking it also includes a waterproof luggage box, and ice chest. There is also an optional engine chrome dress up kit, sound system and GPS navigator.

The price starts somewhere around $60,000 USD

Below are the full specs from the Strand Craft Site

PWC - Personal water craft

Length : 16'



Top speed: 65Mph

Carbon fibre / Epoxy construction

Engine: V8 5,7 L 300Hp

Fuel tank:

Propulsion system: Water Jet

Waterproof luggage box

Ice box under seat


Custom trailer
Engine chrome dress up kit
Wood Inlays
Carbon Inlays
Special Custom Paint
Custom wrapping
Sound sustem
GPS Navigator