Shelby in Los Angeles

by Michael Satterfield

It does not get much more American than a Shelby Cobra cruising around Los Angeles, it is after all in the shadow of this city that Shelby built his legendary machines (See our visit to the original Shelby factory in Venice Beach). He later moved to the LAX factory where more legends would roll down the assembly line.

These stunning images are brought to us by RM's Auctions who will be offering CSX 2430 in London this September. This car is special since it was one of the few Shelby factory sponsored car, by gentleman racer Tom Payne in 64-65. The car was successful well into the 1980s in racing events across the US.

Noted Cobra restorer Bill Murray did a concours level restoration on the car in the early 90's. After that detailed restoration CSX 2430 would put on display in the Shelby American Collection for nearly 25 years.
The car  has been woken from its duty as a museum car and is ready for concours events or serious vintage racing, it is estimated to bring around 2.5 million USD at auction. See the official listing here

Source: RM Auctions
Photography: Robin Adams © 2014 courtesy RM Auctions