Magnetic Threads By Meggen Connolley

I was just sent to Santa Fe to cover Santa Fe Fashion Week by Cassidy Magazine. The full set of images from the event can be seen on the Cassidy Magazine Facebook Page HERE. But one of the designers that really jumped out (heads and shoulders above the rest) was Magnetic Threads by Meggen Connolley (yes that is how she spells her name). Magnetic Threads is based out of the artist enclave of Bisbee Arizona, a town that has become sort of a Mecca to creatives from around the world (think Marfa but not flat and not so myopic).

I don't know how she describes her collection but to me it has almost an alternate history style, some elements feel almost steampunk like, while others seem to echo 1950's visions of what people would wear today. Even though each garment is so drastically different you can see the designers thumbprint on each piece in the way materials are combined and genres crossed to blend seamlessly into one design. All of this from a town without a major highway!

For more on Magnetic Threads Check out their Facebook Page and Official Website