Road Trip: Coney Island Hot Dog Stand

Coney Island Boardwalk Hot Dog Stand in Bailey, Colorado is one of those roadside attractions that were once common along America's highways. The diner is shaped like a giant hot dog and features a small indoor seating area. Unlike so many of the old diners that have been shuttered, preserved as museums to times past, or become other businesses, this diner is still serving up food.

The stand has become a popular destination for tourists who visit the Bailey area for outdoor sports and camping, during peak holidays the line can grow to over an hour long.  The hotdog shaped building is 42 feet and weighs in at 18 tons. In addition to the traditional footlongs and jumbo dogs, you can order some unique gourmet dogs as well. The menu includes an Elk Jalapeno Cheddar, Smoked Buffalo, and the Colorado Native that is made from the local game.

The stand was originally built in 1966 on Colfax Ave. in Denver, named The Boardwalk at Coney Island. The original owner Marcus Shannon had dreams of launching a chain of  hotdog stands but went out of business just three years later. In 1970 the stand was sold and was moved to Aspen Park along US 285 and renamed Coney Island Dairy Land, and was open until 1999. In 2006 new construction threatened the stand once again so it was moved from Aspen Park to its new location in Bailey.

I stopped off on my way back to California and ordered a chocolate shake and a regular hot dog, it's not fast food by any means since it is a small kitchen with just one or two people working. But it is a nice roadside distraction and when you are road tripping it is always nice to take its slow anyways. The hot dog was good, the shake which was made with hand-scooped ice cream was amazing, and the staff (an older lady) was great and even gave me a heads up on local sheriff speed traps.

If you happen to be headed across Colorado be sure to stop off at Coney Island for a snack and a picture. Coney Island is just off Highway 285 in Colorado on the road from Denver to Fairplay. It is a beautiful drive and a fun detour.

Coney Island Hot Dog Stand
10 Old Stage Coach Rd
Bailey, CO 80421
(303) 838-4210