The Nissan Heritage Collection

by Michael Satterfield

This summer the team at The Gentleman Racer had a lot of adventures. From hanging out with RWB Indonesia,  Road Tripping Across the American Southwest and working on more exciting cars for SEMA, it has been a great summer. But one story we have not shared yet is our visit to the  Nissan  Heritage Collection on the grounds of Nissan's Oppama Motor Plant. The museum is not open to the general public, but our man in Japan was able to get an appointment.

Roman is a diehard Nissan fan so he was in heaven on this visit, he is also the owner of our Project Z. Here is just a taste of the Nissan goodness that is inside the collection, we are currently writing up features on individual cars from the collection that will be posted here on the site shortly.

Photographer: Roman V.