Gulf Fairlane: First Drive

First ride, the Fairlane we built for the SEMA show has been a bit of a trailer queen. When we were invited out to use it in a photo shoot for a magazine we figured we would take it for a shakeout drive. The car is a beast, it sounds like a monster thanks to the Doug Headers and the Flowmaster Exhaust. You can't miss it, just a few moments after parking it in front of the studio where it would be photographed at, a small crowd formed with people asking about the car, wanting to see the 427 big block under the hood and loving the old school feel of the Cragar Wheels.

The car ran great, we installed a Champion Cooling Systems Radiator in the car to keep the big block cool, being the first real drive I was watching the gauges close to make sure our oil pressure and temp were ok. The car ran perfect and never got over 190 degrees. The Tremec Transmission is amazing and when I took it up to speed on the 210 Freeway that 5th gear was great to have!

The one issue we had was that it looks like there is a wiring problem with the alternator so we were running on battery power only. So we got it back to the garage ASAP after the shoot, thankfully it was just 18 miles away from our studio.

A friend of ours had to swing by and check out the Fairlane, he brought his sweet SR20 Powered Datsun Roadster