Rally Historico Transpeninsular

I just got back from Mexico, I was invited down to take part of a press day in Tijuana for the 2015 Rally Historico Transpeninsular. A race that I will be competing in and shooting a short film about with the help of an amazing team. The film we hope will serve as a pilot for an automotive adventure show that we hope both car people and not car people a like will love. The race is going to be filled with danger and excitement as we pilot a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite across over 1,000 miles of Baja Mexico. 

Our car is a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite built in the 1960's by a guy named J. Giddens, like everyone who was racing in the 1960's they just built it themselves, much like we are doing. The car is the only one in the world (that we know of) with Giddens' unique front bodywork. The film will be shown at the 2015 AutoMoto film festival during Monterey Car Week and at film festivals across the country. 

We are currently locking in our sponsorship partners so if your brand would like some international racing exposure and a 30 min film featuring your brand get in touch with partners@TheGentlemanRacer.com