Carguy Holiday Gift Guide

Brad Fanshaw from Bonspeed has been working in the Hot Rod and performance car marketplace for years. He has been behind some of the most iconic custom cars in the world and is the owner of Bonspeed Wheels, his latest project out of the Bonspeed Design Studios are these Gallery Wrapped ready to hang artwork, perfect for the home, office, or a really cool garage. Priced from $150 you can see the complete collection HERE 

 TimeDrivers has partnered with Stewart Warner Guages to produce a series of really cool watches based off the instruments that have been in so many performance cars over the years. I saw these at the SEMA show and was really impressed with the quality and all for around $150. They also have licensed Porsche, Mooneyes, and more. Check out the entire collection HERE

Morgan's & Phillip's (which I own) has some pretty cool stuff for the car guy, this tee features one of my favorite classic graphics and is made in the USA. $40.00 get it HERE

JUNOJUMPR is a compact portable jump starter battery that allows you to jump-start your car when the batter is low. The best part is it takes up less space than a set of jumper cables and is lightweight for the sports car enthusiasts watching every pound. I love mine and it has come in handy already.
$99 get yours HERE

Swisstrax Garage Floors are a great way to spruce up the garage or workshop and start under $4.00 a sqft. They have a ton of color and styles, but the coolest thing is their officially licensed floor tiles that feature logos from Ford, Shelby, and others. Check out all the options HERE