Brown Leather Jacket:

There are a few staples that every man should have in his wardrobe, as we ease into winter here in Southern California I have started to put away my shorts and find warmer gear. As I pulled out my all of my coats... I first realize that I have way too many jackets for someone that lives in California and secondly that I tend to really only use one often. A vintage brown leather jacket that was made sometime in the 1970s and is still as sharp as ever. It is a cool classic Motorcycle jacket, the collar buttons down, it has a nice fit, and it has worn well over the years. 

I was just recently in New York for meetings and I took my trusted brown jacket. The best part about a leather jacket like this is that I could wear it with anything and to just about any occasion. Meeting for dinner with the Peruvian Government officials... I paired it with a nice pair of chinos, a vest and tie... done. Headed out to photograph the town? I put it on over a shawl collar sweater and brave the cold streets of Manhattan (see below, me being a tourist nerd on top of the Empire State Building). 

Now I got really lucky that I found my vintage jacket at a vintage shop in Los Angeles about 3 years ago, it was a great buy and the right jacket is timeless so you can wear it for years to come. Below are three excellent choices if you don't have the time to hunt the vintage shops. 

Bleecker Leather Racer
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Schott NYC
D-Pocket Perfecto
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Wellhouse Jacket
Reg Price: $1600 | Sale Price: $1000