Car Girl: Jennifer Teixeira

Model: Jennifer Teixeira
Age: 27
Home Town: Shelton, Connecticut
Car of choice: Mustang Shelby GT500
Instagram: @jenn_teixeira

For a living, I build helicopters for the military. I'm a mother and wife. I'm also a certified professional makeup artist. I enjoy attending car shows/drag strips and working out. I've taken my BMW 335xi down the 1/4 track before and love the adrenaline of fast cars. I also don't mind getting dirty and wrenching myself. The Shelby GT500 I'm posing with is my husband's. It has a 3.6 KenneBell supercharger and is putting down 936hp/812tq and goes 9.96 in the 1/4 mile @148mph.

Photographer: Alvin Garcia
Instagram: @garseeyuh